Maronite Youth Organization

Mission Statement

We are Maronite Catholics who represent the youth, and are the future of St. Anthony’s Maronite Catholic Church. We are a close knit group that works hard together and plays well together. We combine our ideas with the teaching of the church to help govern our youth program. As a youth group, we participate together in many church activities and religious educational programs.

Our Members should be 13 years of age and older, ending with the beginning of our freshman year in college.

Our Purpose

The purpose of our group is to bring together Maronite youth to have fun and make a difference in our church and local community. We want to provide services to, and encourage fellowship in the church. We also strive, through many programs, to gain a better understanding of our Maronite faith. We work to set good examples and become role models for younger members of our church, and the surrounding community. We focus on community service because we feel that we have a responsibility to others as Christians.

Our Goals

We the youth at St. Anthony’s have set several goals for ourselves to achieve in order to remain a strong force within our community: Our goals are to:

  • Strengthen enrollment in the youth program.
  • Focus on the church community and the Richmond area rather than ourselves.
  • Try and gather the St. Anthony’s community at the recreation center more often.
  • Send as many youth as possible to youth conferences and retreats.
  • Take a leadership role in the church as related to service.