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About the Maronite Church

The Maronite Church is one of the oldest churches of Catholicism. It was led by Saint Maron, a priest (350-410 AD) who devotedly taught the Catholic faith, and ministered to many people with his gifts of healing and counsel. The followers of Maron emigrated from Syria to Lebanon, where the Maronite Church flourishes today.  Today in the U.S.A. there are two eparchies (dioceses) made up of 85 parishes and institutions. 

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Maronite Formation Program Schedule for Fall 2015 (Click Here)


Christians in Lebanon are suffering! If you are able to relieve some of the suffering, please visit

The Lebanese living in the US can register for citizenship. Details are found here. For more information Click Here



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Food Festival

The 31st Annual Lebanese Food Festival is scheduled for May 15- 17, 2015. Save the Date!